Gods of Avalon Road is my debut novel from Blossom Spring Publishing (2019).

Copies are available:

Paperback from Blossom Spring Publishing 

Paperback from Amazon

Paperback from Waterstones

Paperback from Foyles

Ebook copies coming soon!


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  1. jeremy young says:

    I’ve got a collection of poetry on Kindle that I would like a review of.

    It’s called The Blue Book – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00INGDNS4

    Jeremy Young

  2. Hi, Ms. Stewart,
    Please email your review guidelines. Thanks.

    • Hi Robert. I’m currently on a slight hiatus from reviews due to a backlog and the publication of my own book. But if you’re still interested, I can contact you in a couple of months time. Apologies for that and thanks for getting in touch.

  3. Gary Kadlec says:

    That’s awesome! 👍

  4. Andres Botero says:


  5. Francesco Mammana says:

    Beautiful and attractive cover
    Intriguing plot
    I am sure it is a great novel!

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