Leilanie Stewart and Joseph Robert are a married writer/poet couple. This blog aims to promote their publications and spoken word events and provide resources for other writers and poets through submission calls and competitions. The blog is managed by Leilanie Stewart.

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News/ media coverage:

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About Leilanie Stewart


Author photo: Lafayette Photography

Author photo: Lafayette Photography

I am a writer, poet, editor and literary blogger.

When I started writing:

I started writing poetry and short stories when I was a child growing up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. My first poem was published in the Write and Shine Regional Anthology 1995 when I was 14.

Writing influences:

During my undergraduate days, I studied Archaeology and Palaeoecology. My choice of career inspired my work and I have incorporated elements of it into my writing since; my debut poetry pamphlet collection, A Model Archaeologist is available from London-based Eyewear Publishing and from my online shop Meandi Books. I have also published a satirical novella, Zombie Reflux, with archaeological themes and elements of horror.

Archaeology Days - excavating in Northern Ireland

Archaeology Days – excavating in Northern Ireland

Later influences:

In 2003, after working for over a year as an Archaeologist in Northern Ireland, I moved to Japan to teach English for 4 years. This career change kick-started my writing which was in a 2 year hiatus. I found that by teaching English grammar to students and by learning to speak Japanese at the same time, I was able to look at language more objectively, which helped my creativity. I also began publishing travel writing pieces in Nova City magazine, during 2004 and again in 2006. As of 2017, I’m working on a novel draft inspired by my experience in Japan.

Poetry scene:

After I moved back to the UK in 2007, I lived in Cambridge. Around 2009, I began publishing my stories and poetry in print and online journals and anthologies in the UK and US. I have also performed my poetry on shows such as 209 Radio Cambridgeshire and at spoken word events in Cambridge. I continued promoting my work by moving to London in 2010 and getting involved in the poetry scene, through the Poetry Society and promotional events organised by my publisher, Eyewear Books.

Creative writing mentoring:

In addition to writing and promoting my own work, I ran creative writing workshops for gifted and talented young people between the ages of 12 and 19 in secondary schools in South and West London (2011 to 2016). After 6 years in London, I moved back home for a quieter literary life.

Running Bindweed Magazine: 

Joseph Robert and I currently live in Belfast where we jointly run Bindweed Magazine.

Current projects:

My second poetry collection was published by Canada-based, Fowlpox Press, in January 2017.

As of July 2017, I have completed the final draft of my urban fantasy novel. Hopefully this will be on submission soon.


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  1. I just started reading some of your poetry. And they are beautiful. Keep on inspiring. 🙂

  2. roomservicer says:

    Hi Leilanie
    I enjoy reading your work.

  3. thartac says:

    Lovely to meet You .You re Yes with the Verb.

  4. Hi! Leilanie.

    I impressed for you story, and what you learned while in Japan.

  5. Thanks for being a friend of mine !, happy to meet you as an archaeologist and a poet of yet unequaled grace, really quite inspiring too , and we may interact by realm of poetics, happy to go through your stunning blog site..
    wish you all the best
    with kindest regards
    Dr.subhendu kar.

  6. Dear Leilanie, if you at all like i may give you my different poetry sites ….

  7. Thanks for inspiring message ! yet good to connect with you too!

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