Leilanie’s second genre novel progress:

(July 2018) Rejection letters: the road to publication

(May 2018) Novel submissions and tackling the slushpile

(November 2017) Fantasy novel finished and out for submission

(August 2017) Second novel finished! Why Lulu is great for printing a proof copy

(May 2017) Second novel almost finished – from broken bones to baby brain

(November 2016) Researching literary agents and traditional publishers

(August 2016) Update on fantasy novel final draft

(March 2015) Final draft of novel finished

Leilanie’s first literary novel manuscript progress:

(August 2014) Feedback on novel from publishers

(April 2013) Full manuscript under consideration

(March 2012) First novel finished


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  1. jeremy young says:

    I’ve got a collection of poetry on Kindle that I would like a review of.

    It’s called The Blue Book – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00INGDNS4

    Jeremy Young

  2. lmariemarin says:

    24 Pg. softcover poetry booklet now for sale,, check it out

    • Hi there,

      If you’d like a review of your book let me know and I’ll email you my guidelines. Please note it might take up to 6 weeks (approx) as I’m currently reviewing a poetry collection & a novel, so there’s a bit of a queue 🙂

  3. Hi, Ms. Stewart,
    Please email your review guidelines. Thanks.

    • Hi Robert. I’m currently on a slight hiatus from reviews due to a backlog and the publication of my own book. But if you’re still interested, I can contact you in a couple of months time. Apologies for that and thanks for getting in touch.

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